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A new independent, co-ed day school in Westport, CT.

Westport Academy is committed to enhancing the learning styles of each student and providing individualized educational programming in an emotionally sensitive environment.

Flexible curriculum planning, individual and small group work with appropriate pacing enable a wide range of elementary and middle school students to fulfill their academic and social potential.

Students are respected for their differences and encouraged to discover their individual strengths and talents. Our goal is to educate students to become independent thinkers, confident learners, and respectful, caring members of society.

Our School promotes self-esteem, self-advocacy, social skills, and enduring personal values throughout the program.

Westport Academy does not discriminate in its admission or hiring practices on
the basis of disabilities, races,color, religion, or ethnic origin.


~ 131 Kings Highway North, Westport, CT 06880 ~ 203. 221-4710 ~