Diane Safran, MS, ATR-BC, LMFT
Educational Director
Phone: 203-221-4706
Fax: 203-221-4708

Learning Strategies is a division of ADDI. It is composed of highly trained and experienced educators devoted to working with children, adolescents, college students and adults.

Learning Strategies's professionals integrate basic skils with specific content, social skills and self advocacy strategies. The focus of tutorial sessions is to teach and reinforce: Academic skills, organizational skills, self confidence, and to foster independence via a personal approach.

Components of the Program may Include:
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • School Consultation
  • Academic Skills Remediation
  • Strategies to enhance Educational Programs and Learning Needs
  • Individual / Group Tutoring
  • PSAT / SAT College Prep
  • Coaching
Services Include :
  • Transition Courses
    • Elementary to Middle School
    • Middle School to High School
    • High School to College
  • Computer Programs
    • Powerpoint
    • Using the Computer for: Learning Organizational & Study Skills, Report Writing
    • Surfing the Web


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